Woman Kills Ex-Boyfriend, Cooks His Remains And Serves Them To Construction Workers


A 30-year-old Moroccan woman, settled in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates (UAE), allegedly killed her ex-boyfriend and fed his remains to construction workers there, reported Hindustan Times.

The alleged murder came to light after the deceased man’s brother visited the woman in search of him after he wasn’t seen for months. The brother had filed a missing persons complaint in January.

After she denied seeing her ex-boyfriend to his brother, the latter found a tooth in the blender at her house, which raised suspicion and eventually resulted in an investigation.

DNA tests proved that the tooth and other contents in the blender belonged to the deceased man, who was in his twenties.

According to Khaleej Times, a source at Al Ain prosecution confirmed that the woman confessed to killing and cooking his ex-boyfriend.

Khaleej Times also reported that the woman threw the remnants of the man’s body to the dogs after she fed some of his flesh to the workers in the form of an Arabic dish.

She reportedly confessed that she killed him because he had dumped her.

She also said that after she chopped up the man’s body, she sought her friend’s help to clean up.

She will now be referred to Al Ain court on account of premeditated murder, stated Khaleej Times.



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