Jet Airways pilots report ‘sick’ over non-payment of salaries

The pilots are yet to receive the last installment of September salary

With the last installment of their September salary still pending, several pilots of Jet Airways went on ‘sick leave’ on Sunday affecting the schedule of over 18 flights.

Though the airline officially said these flights were affected due to “operational reasons”, sources confirmed that many pilots had indeed reported sick.

The airline has told pilots that the last instalment of September salary component, comprising 25 per cent, will be paid on December 4. The dates and manner in which salaries for October and November will be disbursed is yet to be announced. What pilots have been told however, is that this will be done over the next four months.

The management is meanwhile continuing its dialogue with the employees and has called a meeting with its engineering staff on Monday. A similar meeting with the National Aviators Guild (NAG), its pilot union is being held on Tuesday.

A Jet Airways spokesperson denied that pilots reported sick. In a statement, Jet Airways said that the company continues to enjoy the complete support and cooperation of all its employees, including pilots and engineers, individually and through their respective representative bodies, who have extended their solidarity and full support to the airline.

“The airline would like to reiterate that the reason for the cancellations of December 2 flights was due to an unforeseen operational circumstance, and not pilot non-cooperation, as is being unduly speculated,” the airline spokesperson said.

In a statement, NAG said, “As a responsible body, NAG is committed to and confident of working through and resolving any challenges including disbursement of salaries, with our management team at Jet Airways. We will endeavour to assist and be a part of the solution for our company in facing these challenges. This we will do through continued dialogue and ensuring that we work with the management to achieve the efficiencies and enhanced service standards, to create a healthier and resilient airline for the future.”


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